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5 Back Pain Conditions That Affect Women Severely

By superadmin

January 17, 2020

There are various back pain and similar related situations that women face and suffer for quite a long time. Moreover, in women, back pain becomes chronic over time as compared to males. The back pain situations occur in women mostly after the post-menopause time. There are various treatments to reduce your chronic pain, one such is hypnotherapy. Help My Pain is the organisation that offers the treatment of hypnotherapy for chronic pain in Sydney suitable for both men and women.

Here Are 6 Back Pain Conditions That Affect Women


The pain that originates from spasms in the piriformis muscle located at the back of the buttock is called the piriformis syndrome. Women are affected by this problem more due to the change in the hormonal level and pregnancy-related issues. This syndrome causes irritation and compression in the sciatic nerve. It causes excessive pain in the buttock area and hip area. This syndrome radiates pain in the back of the thigh and leg areas. All these symptoms get better when women lie on the back for a long time.


Osteoarthritis of the facet joints (the joints that connect the vertebrae) is common in most of the women. The risk of this problem increases with age and weight. Spinal osteoarthritis gives rise to the breakdown of the fibrous cartilage in the facet points. Without the soft cushioning of the cartilage, there will be more friction when the bones get rubbed together. This causes pain. The osteoarthritis at the lower back portion will cause pain in the upper, lower back portions, buttocks and thighs, occasional flares of severe pain, and back stiffness.

When women suffering from chronic pain, they can take help from the hypnotherapist as it is seen that this procedure helps in enhancing the concentration, the control’s one thought and reduces the distraction. Hypnosis decreases chronic pain in the patients and saves money on operations and surgeries.


The gynaecological issue affects women only. Here, the tissues of the uterus grow outside the womb. The symptoms of this problem are painful menstrual cycle with extreme pelvic and abdominal pain, lower back pain during menstruation and pain in the genital region.


It is also called the tailbone pain that happens in the tail end of the spine. This pain occurs due to extreme trauma and stress. This condition is more common in women due to the different shape and angle of the pelvic region and the injury during the childbirth. The symptoms include pain while sitting down, standing up from the seated posture and sitting on hard surfaces.


When the vertebra in the spine area slips over one below due to degeneration, it is termed as the degenerative Spondylolisthesis. This condition is common in the women who are above the menopause phase. This condition can lead to extreme lower back pain with the radiating pain in the legs and the neurogenic claudication when the spinal cord gets compressed.

Some of the chronic pain issues that are reduced by hypnosis are headache, mixed chronic pain, temporal mandibular disorder pain and backache.