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5 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy

By superadmin

January 3, 2020

Hypnosis has its fair share of playing a significant role in protecting your health. Be it for surgery recovery in Sydney, strengthening the immune system, or pain management, hypnosis, performed by a trained and certified professional can be of help. The medical form of hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy involves using verbal repetition or mental imagery in order to induce increased focus.

A patient undergoing hypnosis believes to feel relaxing and calm. The process of hypnosis is meant to open up the patient to all sorts of suggestions. Experts too believe this fact.

Here is how hypnosis works in reducing various health issues:

Hypnosis Helps You to Improve Sleep

According to results, hypnosis is believed to be helpful for people with sleeping issues. The process works to help a patient’s mind to relax and have positive thoughts.

Anxiety Issues

Patients suffering from serious anxiety attacks and depression can seek help from hypnosis. People who have a chronic mental health condition like anxiety can have a great deal of help. The process is meant to encourage the body to trigger its relaxation response while lowering heartbeat and blood pleasure.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

The efficiency of hypnosis in treating IBS is significantly known. IBS is a medical condition in which there is a pain in the abdominal area, which is created due to pain in the bowel. Clinical hypnotherapy is known to help improve this condition, while treating other bowel issues like constipation, bloating or diarrhoea, etc.

Chronic Pain in the Body

Hypnosis helps with treating chronic body pain, or pain that is arrived due to surgery or tension headache. Patients suffering from pain due to arthritis, sickle cell anaemia, cancer as well as fibromyalgia can also seek help from hypnosis. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you can also take relief from hypnosis.

Weight Loss

With smoking cessation, some studies have shown that hypnosis can have an impact on relieving the patient whose concern is weight gain. With hypnotherapy followed by proper diet, and exercise can help people lose weight.

When a patient is hypnotized, the attention of his or her is highly focused. In this condition, people are more likely to listen to things and respond positively to suggestions regarding health benefits and changing bad habits.

Hypnosis is a medical practice that is believed to treat people suffering from mental and medical issues. At Help My Pain, we have a team of professional hypnotherapists who are trained and can help you with pain management, anxiety, weight loss, etc.