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Addicted To Nicotine – Have You Tried Hypnotherapy?

By superadmin

September 22, 2020

Are you a regular smoker, trying to quit smoking for a while now? There are a zillion ways to quit smoking; some work better for some people. Be it patches, pills or counselling programs- the list is endless when it comes to quitting smoking.

Perhaps, by now, you have heard of hypnosis being used in helping smokers to quit smoking. Maybe you have not given it a try, but it is worth knowing how hypnosis or clinical hypnotherapy works for those who want to quit smoking.

At Help My Pain, we come across a lot of patients trying to stop smoking, but it seems they cannot. Do you want to know why? Read on this guide, and you will get a whole new perspective and inspiration to give up on smoking.

First, let us tell you what Hypnotherapy for Smoking in Sydney is.

A Little Detail About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is essentially done by professional hypnotherapists. With the help of guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention, a patient achieves a heightened state of awareness (also known as a state of trance). During the process, the patient is put into a deeply-focused state to learn new patterns and skills. When a patient enters the trance-like state, he or she is aware of the surrounding but detached from the conscious mind.

Hypnosis is regarded as an aid to psychotherapy since the hypnotic state enables people to explore their conscious minds. The process helps people to perceive things differently. The hypnotic state allows one’s mind to become open to suggestions. This is how you can be influenced by hypnosis to make a specific choice, for example, quitting smoking.

How does Hypnotherapy Work with Smoking?

The primary goal of hypnosis for addiction is to replace unhealthy thoughts with positive thoughts, encouraging the smoker to give up on something that is dangerous for health. Hypnosis for smoking is done to help the patient to understand the unpleasant outcomes of smoking.

In some instances, the hypnotherapist also teaches the smoker the process of self-hypnosis.

When you consider hypnosis as a means of quitting smoking, you are introduced to positive thoughts like – smoking is bad for health, and any association with nicotine is needed to be avoided at all costs.

During the process, new suggestions will be implanted to your mind, saying you are not interested in smoking. The idea is to make the smoker get rid of smoking thoughts every time he or she thinks about a cigarette.

Hypnosis for smoking is designed to help patients quit smoking and change their perceptions about nicotine addiction over time. Some patients may need a couple of sessions to become a non-smoker. Since the process works on the brain, the change in thoughts is inevitable. Soon, new thoughts and perceptions will form, and the smoker will consider smoking a negative thing, no matter the past conceptions.

Is Hypnosis Worth it?

If you are thinking that hypnosis will help you to stop smoking right away, you are wrong. All it does is to decrease and remove your cravings for a cigarette. It will take a few repetitive sessions, and you will eventually stop smoking on your own.

If you are wondering whether it will work for you, believe it or not, it is proven to be helpful in getting rid of nicotine addiction. Many people, using hypnotherapy, have had massive success within months. What’s more? There are zero side effects since hypnosis is a natural way to stop smoking.

Not every individual’s mind is the same; the success rate may differ. In many cases, it also has been found that a single session of hypnosis has worked so well for some people to get them on the right path.