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Control Gag Reflex

Control Gag Reflex with Hypnosis

The gag reflex is also a reflex action that happens while you swallow the food. It is the contraction that occurs on your throat’s back portion preventing the objects to enter the throat through normal swallowing. If you find difficulty in swallowing and the doctor is not able to suggest the treatments, hypnotherapy can be the best approach. You can control gag reflex in Sydney with the help of hypnosis therapies. Hypnotherapy is one of the safest and effective treatments to reduce gag reflex. It helps in stress and anxiety management, develop dissociation during the time of dental methods, and create the trigger to calm your body and mind.

Hypnosis is the best way to reduce the gagging process and you get a relaxing feeling. It also changes the autonomic responses that it directly deals with the subconscious mind. At Help My Pain, a team of therapists has many years of experience in this field and they delve into the causes that result in abnormal swallowing pain. If you want to deal with gag reflex discomfort, consult our hypnotherapist!