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How Clinical Hypnotherapy Control Drug Abuse and Reduce Health Issues

By superadmin

December 4, 2019

Drug use has both short-term and long-term side effects on our health. The effects depend upon the type of drugs you take, how they are consumed, how much drug is taken and the health condition of the person and some more factors. The short-term effects of taking drugs can result in changes in the appetite, faster heart rate, weakness, blood pressure fluctuation, heart attack, stroke and even death. The long-term effects are heart and lung disease, cancer, HIV/AIDs, MENTAL illness. Even the misuse of drugs or too much consumption of drugs can lead to drug addiction.

Drug addiction is a mental disorder. Not everyone who consumes drugs will become addicted. But for some people, overuse of drugs can affect certain brain circuits. These changes can hamper the normal functioning of the body, bring about stress, and hamper your decision-making capabilities. To combat the harsh effects of medicine in the body, addicts are taking help of clinical hypnotherapy. This clinical process brings a change in the overall behaviour and helps you to make better decisions in life. Help My Pain is the organisation that helps patients to deal with drug abuse or misuse with the help of clinical hypnotherapy in Sydney.

In recent times, scientists are highlighting a major issue in the health system which in turn affects a large spectrum of people around the world. Pharmaceutical products indeed play an important role in the health and well-being of individuals and lots of money is involved in this department; kickbacks and lobbying are also quite common. These situations are going out of control impacting the lifestyle of lots of people who are dependent on drugs. The drugs are introduced in the market with no prior research and trials. Even at times, the research is not conducted properly and the statisticians even manipulate the data to send the wrong message to the audiences.

As said earlier the pharmaceutical business is of great importance as it saves the lives of millions of people around. However, people are misusing the “magic pill”. People are losing control and they are overusing the drugs which in turn affecting the health of the candidates. The overuse or misuse of the drugs prevents the individuals to deal with various chronic diseases that are caused due to lifestyle changes like chronic fatigue, diabetes Type 2 and fibromyalgia. Through effective hypnotherapy conducted by reputed hypnotherapist from Help My Pain, George Pegios, people can deal with the chronic health issues that are caused due to overuse of drugs.

How Hypnotherapy Proves To Be Beneficial?

Strategic Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can bring significant changes to the behaviour and decision-making capabilities of individuals. Individuals can avail single of up to three sessions as per the requirements. This process helps shift the thinking capabilities, refocus on the mind and also to adopt various useful behaviours and discard those behaviours that are not beneficial anymore for both physical and mental health.

Hypnotherapy deals with chronic and acute pain, headaches and migraines, gag reflex, addictions, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. If you want to know more about this technique and have some more information about Hypnotherapy and how it can change your life or that of someone you know, don’t hesitate to contact me through www.HelpMyPain.com.au.