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How Hypnosis Can Help You to Deal with Insomnia

By superadmin

November 27, 2019

One of the most common problems that people come to me for is inadequate sleep. Insomnia is related to many other conditions, such as Anxiety and Depression, but I don’t think people, in general, realise how significant an issue it is on their overall health and how hypnosis for insomnia can help you to improve the quality of life.

We really don’t know why we sleep, but there is an agreement between scientists that sleep helps the regeneration of the body. Good sleep enhances the immune system, metabolism, memory and learning. Although a big topic on its own, dreaming also serves a function in dealing with life events and stressors during our day. By having less or interrupted sleep, our ability to dream is also reduced.

The evidence is quite scared about what happens long term when we don’t get enough sleep. Scientists have been able to show a strong correlation between poor sleep and high blood pressure, the incidence of strokes, heart disease, diabetes, asthma attacks, weakened immune system, obesity, inflammation as well as many other conditions.

As well as dealing with issues relating to anxiety and depression, it is important to deal with what is called ‘sleep hygiene.’ This has become a big problem within a very short span of time, related to the use of devices, whether smartphones, tablets, or similar, with connectivity to the web and the use of social media. It is important for people to create boundaries, a cut-off, a self-imposed curfew, after which the device is put away until morning. I insist that the device(s) is/are kept in another room altogether. This should be done at least half an hour before you plan to get to sleep.

A bigger problem that hypnotherapy helps with is what’s called compartmentalisation. This refers to the ability to put a problem into context. We often find ourselves repeating certain events that occurred during the day in our head, thinking how we could have dealt with it differently…why we didn’t say something else instead…why we did what we did. We can easily get caught up in this trap: We certainly need the ability to analyse things, that is important, but regurgitating the same thing over and over is not helpful, and it doesn’t get us anywhere.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, is also important, whether it is eating the right foods, as well as having a good exercise regime…appropriate for where you are right now, is paramount for sleep and overall health. Hypnotherapy can help get regain control of your life and put you back in control.

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