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How Hypnotherapy Can Cure Smoking Addiction?

By superadmin

January 24, 2020

Even in the current times, many people do not know that smoking kills 8,000,000 people every year. This is a fact from the World Health Organization but the more shocking fact is that a certain percentage of people die because of passive smoking. However, it is also true that quitting smoking is not an easy thing, especially who are chain smokers. Even though it is a challenge but this challenge should be taken seriously because this is the matter of life and death. The main reason is that it causes cancer as well as increases the risk of heart attacks, lung disease and strokes. The other health issues that arise because of smoking are numerous and some of them include cataracts and bone damage simultaneously. In such scenarios, nothing could be better than clinical hypnotherapy in Sydney, which is helping many chain-smokers to get rid of their smoking addiction.

What is Hypnosis?

An easy definition of hypnosis would be an altered state of awareness when you are usually asleep or in a trance. In contemporary times, clinical hypnotherapy is very popular when it comes to treating psychological and certain physical problems. It is a fact that hypnotherapy is used to help patients so that they develop the ability to tolerate pain in a healthy manner. Moreover, hypnotherapy is also used for other conditions which include speech disorders, weighty issues, and especially, addiction problems.

Hypnosis and Its Effects on Smoking Habit

When hypnotherapy is employed on people who are addicted to smoking, they are told to imagine unpleasant things which are an outcome of smoking. In many cases, the therapist will suggest that the cigarette smoke is like truck exhaust which actually leaves the patient’s mouth with a bad taste which the person would never want to experience in reality.

There is a Spiegel’s method of treating smoking addictions where the hypnotherapy techniques aim at three points.

  • Smoking leads to poisoning of the body
  • Avoiding smoking is significant because you need to keep your body function-able
  • It is important to respect your body and that is why it should be protected perfectly

What a therapist does is that these facts are being taught to the patient, which is actually self-hypnosis, so that he or she can repeat and feel these affirmations when the desire to smoke wills a rise in the future.

Changes Pattern of Thinking

It needs to be understood that quitting smoking is not easy. What hypnosis does is that it directly affects our subconscious mind. During the hypnotherapy, the patients are in an altered state of mind when the mind is more open to suggestions. This is a tried and tested method which is really influencing in curing other disorders in human beings. To tell the truth, the numbers of smokers who smoke out of habit are more than the others who do it as some kind of necessity. In this case, addiction is the right word to describe it perfectly.

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