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How Hypnotherapy Help with Chronic Illness

By superadmin

November 29, 2019

It would be rare for anyone of us to go through life without suffering from an injury or experiencing an illness without realising how the right attitude can make a difference. Modern medicine has come a long way, whether in surgical techniques, disease management or pharmaceuticals, in helping millions of people worldwide heal. Hypnotherapy for chronic pain also improves the quality of their lives and live more productive lives.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, this doesn’t always work.  There are so many factors that come in to, not just how healing occurs, but also what causes illness in the first place. These include things as wide-ranging as drugs, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, general health, diet, exercise regime, sleep patterns as well as age and medications, even before we talk about the impact of genetic makeup. Now, some of these things we can control but age and genetics we cannot control. What we can do is provide the best version of ourselves, the healthiest way we can be…to help our healing, prevent illness in the first place and live a life of full potential. This best version of ourselves ultimately shows up with our physical health and appearance but does start with and is directed by what is happening ‘upstairs.’

Stress has been identified as a major factor affecting health, but how stress occurs and how it manifests can be different for different people. Now stress can be normal. It’s Ok to react when something has changed. These changes can be physical, mental or emotional. Stress can be a positive thing, keeping us alert and motivated in our anticipation of danger. It’s when it becomes chronic, sustained and when the situation appears hopeless that the stress response will affect the autonomic nervous system, causing wear and tear on the body, affecting the body’s ability to heal and can contribute to illness.

It is true that we describe our life as being very stressful, and there are many aspects to modern society that could be approached differently, but that doesn’t help those suffering here and now. I believe, and have seen, a lot of our stresses can be reduced and eliminated by approaching them differently or having a different “mindset.”

In my experience, I see patterns of thinking, patterns of action, which start early in life. Either a direct observation of parents doing the exact same thing, or distressing circumstances which “prime” the amygdala, or better known as the Fight or Flight Centre in the brain to be overactive…constantly on-edge, like a fire alarm that won’t ever shut off. So, we find it is sometimes easier to “tune” the activity down, that anxiety related to a potential threat, by undertaking behaviours that are detrimental to health. This could be drinking, using drugs, or overindulging on comfort foods. Poor lifestyle patterns, along with a constant stream of stress hormones such as cortisol will affect how we deal with these physical challenges.

Hypnosis is not just about “relaxing” the client, although it does achieve that. It is about finding out what those patterns were, that no longer serve you, and inserting a new piece of “software” that helps the client see things differently, act differently, and take control of the situation. By getting in control, we’re able to reduce or eliminate that constant ‘fire alarm’ that are causing so much damage and begin new processes in your life that help eliminates the disease process and allow healing to occur. Stress is part of life, but don’t let it take over your life.

For more information on how Strategic Hypnotherapy can help with Healing, you can contact me through my website: www.HelpMyPain.com.au