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Smoking Cessation: Does Hypnosis Help Quit Smoking?

By superadmin

September 21, 2020

According to research, more than 80% of smokers want to give up smoking. If you are a smoker, there is a 50-50 chance of quitting smoking at any given time.

Smoking, as a matter of fact, has an adverse effect on our health as we all know it. There is a high risk of severe health consequences of smoking, according to the World Health Organization. Not to mention, there are ample other reasons that you want to quit smoking; it can be for saving money, for healthier skin, to stay more active etc.

Now the biggest question is that if smokers are aware of the dangerous effect of smoking, what is holding them back? Here is the reason: the addiction of nicotine is deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. Stress is one of the biggest trigger sources that trigger thoughts in our subconscious mind, resulting in cigarette craving.

Hypnosis for smoking in Sydney is an effective way to reframe thoughts (in a smoker’s subconscious minds) about smoking. Professional hypnotherapy can be very effective in untangling the web of subconscious thoughts to keep the craving in control.

Why Can Smokers Not Quit Smoking?

Nicotine addiction is hard to give up because it works at a deep mental level, i.e. subconscious mind. It is the subconscious that triggers the craving, especially when you are under stress. This mental battle explains why smoking cessation aids are ineffective because they cannot control the thoughts going on in the subconscious. This is why smokers need to deal with the mental battle first to overcome nicotine addiction.

Understanding Top-down Processing

For example, a smoker is trying to give up smoking, and he or she has an important presentation at work. It is common for the smoker to feel stressed, which triggers smoking thoughts. Now the question is – where does that trigger come from?

To understand it better, let us discuss the top-down processing:

All the sensory information, including smell, touch, sights – is directly sent to the brain. The data then creates a conscious impression in the brain. In other words, the brain is responsible for shaping a particular emotion and delivering a response.

To be precise, it is the mind that receives the signal, when there is a stress, based on which it starts thinking about the situation and creates a response. This is why quitting smoking becomes difficult.

The key is to gain a top-down control that helps to eliminate the automatic response to a stimulus, which is responsible for keeping the addiction in place.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Quit Smoking?

Hypnotherapy helps in eliminating nicotine addiction by providing the smoker with the ability to reframe the top-down thoughts happening in the subconscious mind. When there is a stimulus that causes craving for a cigarette, the mind tends to respond to it. For example, when you feel stress, it triggers smoking addiction, and you respond.

However, hypnosis works to help your mind to reframe the thoughts. How? During this process, one’s mind enters a trance-like state through relaxation techniques. In this state, you remain aware of your surroundings, but the mind is detached at the same time.

This is when, your mind is more open to advice and suggestions as it is disconnected from the conscious, critical mind. Your conscious mind, on the other hand, is seeking reasons not to quit smoking.

During hypnosis, suggestions given by the hypnotherapist are more prone to stick to the mind. As a result, when there is a trigger, your mind will not automatically respond and smoke, it will slow down to rethink and listen to suggestions that are provided newly.

The thoughts present in a subconscious mind are strong and powerful. These thoughts are responsible for forming our perceptions. When the subconscious mind tells us to do something, it will work. Hypnosis is a process that works to provide the subconscious mind with new information, reframing the old thoughts.

With a little help of hypnotherapy, our minds can take control of our thoughts. If you want to quit smoking, there is no better way than hypnosis. At Help My Pain, our hypnotherapists are certified with years of experience in controlling pain and other issues that have an adverse effect on your health. Allow yourself to lead your body and mind with some professional help given by our experts.