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Surgery Recovery

Post-Surgery Recovery Pain Cure by Hypnosis

If you are struggling with post-surgery recovery and unable to bear the pain, the best way is to choose hypnosis. George Pegios provides surgery recovery in Sydney. He has many years of experience and he delves into the roots to find out the causes behind the post-operative pain. The therapist mainly focuses on the subconscious mind that controls everything. For centuries, hypnotherapy has been used in several surgical procedures. With the help of innovative pain control management programs, the therapist changes the way the patient feels and makes use of healing energy that nourishes and regenerates the body tissues.

Self-hypnosis is also helpful to relax your mind and body. By learning how to deal with the overall stress and anxiety, you can feel better during the post-operative phase. It will also naturally enhance the functions of the immune system. Hypnotherapy also reduces the side effects, physical symptoms and the associated emotional issues. If you are suffering from post-operative pain, consult with our hypnotherapist for best results!