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Three Effective Ways in Which You Can Control Gag Reflex

By superadmin

December 27, 2019

Whether you face problems while trying to brush your back molars, or when you are facing problems when the dentist is checking the cavities, the gag reflex is a major issue. The gag reflex is one of the bad situations that can turn your dental hygiene into the unpleasant oral problem. There are various ways to control the gag reflex. But, the most unique and natural ways is to avail the benefits of hypnotherapy.

The hypnotherapy from the clinic Help My Pain will help to control gag reflex in Sydney. Though there are various immediate remedies, that will help to control gag reflex, you can consult with a hypnotherapist who will help to combat this situation.

Besides, the hypnotherapy, here are some of the immediate causes of gag reflex, they are:

Use of the Immediate Remedies

In this section, the first remedy is to squeeze your left thumb and make the fist. You should position the thumb under the fingers. Now, squeeze the fist but not too tightly as it will hurt you. The next remedy is to use the little table salt on the tongue. For this, you should first moisten your tip of the finger. Put some salt and tough the salt on the tongue. The salt will activate the taste buds on the front of your tongue and thus suppresses the gag reflex. The last step is to numb the soft palate inside your mouth. It is seen that when an object touches the soft palate, it will certainly trigger the gag reflex. To stop this, you should use the OTC throat-numbing spray as like Chloraseptic that will desensitize the soft palate in your mouth.

Make Use of Hypnotherapy

 As we all know that gag reflex is the reflex action that happens when you swallow the food. You can control gag reflex with the help of the hypnotherapy sessions. It is considered as one of the best approaches. Hypnosis is the safest and effective treatment that can help to reduce gag reflex. This treatment helps in controlling stress, anxiety and helps in developing dissociation at the time of dental methods.

It also helps in triggering your mind to make it calm and happy. Hypnosis is said to the best way to reduce the gagging and you will have a relaxing feeling. It will also change the autonomic response that directly affects the subconscious mind. At the clinic of Help My Pain, the team of hypnotherapists has several years of experience in this field and they help the patients to deal with gag reflex in the right manner.

Redirecting Your Focus from Gagging

Another unique way to deal with gag reflex is to redirect your focus from gagging. You can do it in various ways. You can do some meditation. Ask your dentist that you can use the earplugs to cut out the sound of equipment used during the dental treatments. It will allow you to focus on other calming thoughts rather than concentrating on the gag reflex.

These are three important to control or reduce gag reflex. If you face problems to swallow your food properly, you might have a gag reflex. With the proper treatment and hypnosis session, you can have control over your mind. The hypnotherapists deal with your subconscious mind and thus you can have better feelings.